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Episode 21: Mike Pisciotta, the Academy of Magical Arts' Close-Up Magician of the Year and resident magician of the World Famous Magic Castle sits down with Elliott to discuss magic, philosophy, performance, how to structure an act, comedy, and so much more! Such a fun and funny episode. Enjoy!

Mike Pisciotta defeated all odds and stiff competition to win the "Close-Up Magician of the Year" from the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle). He regularly performs in the Hat and Hare Pub in the "dungeon" of the Castle where he mixes drinks and magic in equal measure. But from time to time, he also performs new material in the Close-Up Gallery.

I recognize that Mike may not be as well-known to the international magic community as he rarely travels or performs outside of Los Angeles, except for his recent Texas lecture tour. But this is one of magic's "jewels" who you need to meet and know.